Shenandoah Days

Nutty’s freaking again, because once again and again, Kismet has gone missing. The man was raised on dogs and he just doesn’t understand the cat independence thing. They don’t come to you immediately when you call them. I suppose back in the day when we all had a stable abode that didn’t change every few days, Kismet was there whenever he turned around, because Kismet does love David to death, but this is a new place every few days world now and so little time, so much to explore. That is one curious cat. For example, Shenandoah, this has just become one big giant private game preserve for that cat. Another night, another wild mouse catch. I do appreciate how he leaves his kills for us outside the tent. It’s quite well-mannered of him.

Moving right along, guess what happened yesterday? Could it be…………………………..? Rain. It was actually pretty short in the morning, but then Nutty of course invoked the wrath of the clouds or whomever is in charge of that rain brouhaha and commented how we hadn’t gotten the requisite thunder and lightening storms as predicted. Are you daft man? Way to jinx us. We’re on top of the mountains here on a level with the clouds on a daily basis. Do you know how up close and personal thunder and lightening can get up here? Sure enough, insta-major storm with requisite thunder and lightening right after dinner. Run for the tents Feris, Run! Let’s just say that chillaxed everyone’s after dinner fire watching. Actually it was quite a nifty light show.

Speaking of dinner, we actually left the park, which takes a few millennia since the speed limit is 35 mph, and dipped down into civilization for a bit to, believe it or not, get cell/internet service. It’s a concept. Civilization! Anyway, also purchased real, non-dehydrated food. Wow! I don’t know if we can ever go back to the dehydrated stuff. I know a spent a lot of time and effort putting that stuff together and trying to make it interesting, but over it. Real lettuce with crunch and texture, so fresh. These grapes from Chile actually tasted sweeter than I remember. Cheese! Don’t even get me started. I am an admitted cheese-acholic and while we have managed to acquire Mexican Coca Cola for Mr. Mr., I haven’t felt the need to go on such quests for cheese and have tried to maintain a stable low level of crankiness about it. Just kidding on the crank, but cheese does rule. However, the piece de resistance on our real food acquisitions (and the meat-a-holics, you know who you are, will appreciate this) was a steak. Red Meat. Food good. I don’t know if one can ever go back to dehydrated food.