Blue Ridge Parkway Cruising

Goodbye Shenandoah Park and hello more of Virginia?? Wow, we got used to those rather shall we say petite Northeastern States and this Virginia state just keeps on going in comparison, but yes, we finally cracked the border and our now in North Carolina; final state on this side of the world for us. OK, I’ll admit we might have cheated here a bit on this one. The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is beautiful, but one can only take so much of only progressing at 45 mph and off to the interstate we went. Now there you make tracks. Nutty was super cruising and actually when we crossed into NC, they have tons of green space out here of course and in these big ole medians (I’m starting to adopt Southernese, what can I say), say a good four lanes wide, they had planted fields of flowers. It was quite beautiful and each square/field was a different color of flowers. I guess we arrived at the right time of year (so say my allergies unfortunately).

Back into the hills we climbed however and a quickie tour of Nutty’s old college stomping grounds. Lot of new buildings of course. Things do change after a few millennia or so. Living abodes demolished. Replacements built. Had to semi drag him away from some burger and etc. joint where ye ole gang “hung out”. Ahhhhh, memories.

Back to the Blue Ridge Parkway we go and sort of slower speeds. Now that we’re in his old stomping grounds, the Nutty man’s a bit of a mad man with the driving. A bit reminiscent of The Gluru driving Fair Oaks highways and bi-ways and how did that autobahn drive go Leuzini famiglia? Found a camp site near the end of the day with the usual lack of cell/internet service and I’m not seeing much for electrical generation either. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to break out ye ole hammer and chisel and start looking for some stone slabs to finish this blog on. Maybe I’ll use Nutty’s fire to post via smoke signals.