Kismet – Hunter of the Wild and Untamed Species of Shenandoah

Frankly, now that I don’t wear that noisy slave collar it’s becoming a bit blasé this hunting business. I have tried to spice it up a bit, by coming up with more elaborate games and have developed a sort of campground races where I run the prey up and down the campground roads letting them think they might have a chance of escaping me. Ha! Never. I think it would provide some better entertainment for the bipeds if they’d just stop watching that silly hiker TV, the fire. The males seem to be quite competitive about this, each one trying to make bigger and bigger fires on a nightly basis. I don’t see the attraction. Does anyone know of some local mouse taxidermists in the area by the way? I think I might want to keep a few of my trophies for the long term. Just forward the information to the female biped. I’m sure she will be more than happy to take care of it.