Back in Shenandoah

OK, so we did move to a different campground and there is this thing called sunshine. The clouds have dissipated, no fog momentarily. This could be somewhat civilized. Kismet promptly took off and headed into the woods to disappear.

That’s nice. It’s all good. WE have faith. He’ll be back or it’s back to the box, aka the metal cage on wheels for him. After we found him this last time we locked him up in the car all night without any blankies, because they were all in the tent with us. Needless to say he was happy to see me in the morning, but planning the usual disciplinary actions against our appalling behavior for having the audacity to lock him up in the metal box/cage all night rather than let him do the usual marauding. All I can say, is that cat.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking metal cage lock up and definite AT hiking sans kitty.