Shenandoah Thaws Out

Finally! We have come back into habitable temperatures and do not have to wear our entire wardrobe and spoon on a 24/7 basis. We even did a run for the border and went down to civilization for some real food and and this phenomenon called internet service. Trying to keep the devices charged here in the great Shenandoah Park, let alone get service has been challenging to say the least. The place is huge, lush, green and full of rolling hills that block reception. As for power, it’s hard for our solar charger to work when there’s no sun. There usually is an electrical plug in at the comfort stations, but that gets pretty weird hanging out there all day hogging up the one electrical outlet. Driving around in the vehicle to charge up is an option, but then we’re just using up fuel gratuitously at 35 mph and that doesn’t really get us anywhere quickly either. Why do we have all these devices again? Just to let you guys know we’re alive of course. It’s not like we can ask Google anything these days. Discussions must be resolved with pure speculation.

So the hiking here has even been more civilized with not so much the rocks and ticks we can actually enjoy the wild flowers that have come out. Have seen mama bear and cub. They were pretty small compared to what I’ve seen on the west coast and in all the scary videos people had shown us, but still a phenomenon not to get too close to. The deer were adorable as usual and cute with their speckled fur as opposed to al tan. Nutty even saw some bunnies, but I’m getting skeptical. We shall see with today’s hiking. Of course he has photos of all of this which I’m sure any millennia now we’ll posted. So far, it’s been a bit of a retrospective on camp fires. The man is getting quite obsessed with them, but based on our neighbor’s actions as well it is what you do when you camp, hiker TV and all that. That’s our campfire.