Kismet Here, The Kidnapped Cat

They will tell you I went voluntarily, I missed some trip planning meetings, couldn’t bare to be separated from the pack, etc., etc. You know what I say, Help!!!! Meeeeeeyowl and Meeeeeeyowl again! What is happening?!!!

First of all, of course I knew something was up. I am one smart cat and I’ve put a lot of training into those two humans. They were just running around like crazed bipeds doing that packing thing again which never seems to bode well for me. One minute I’m supervising the male on his attempts at fitting odd size packages in the rolling metal thing on wheels that always takes him away from me and then I’m stuck with extra training classes for the female so she can pick up the slack of only having one biped to see to my demands, uh, I mean needs.

Then, out of nowhere the female roughly picks me up and manhandles me into the metal cage on wheels! I did not give her permission for this! Sure, I’ve trained her on how to open the door for me on a timely basis, one meow, not two. Meow means open. She has also come along quite nicely on learning when I say meow, I’m hungry and should be fed immediately and when I say meow, of course It means, get up in the middle of the night and open the door for me. I get some of my best hunting done at night. I think she might have a facility for languages. Yes, they’re all a bit challenged and slow, these bipeds, but you have to be patient with them and make sure they show you the proper obeisance.

So that’s why this shocking display of manhandling and entrapment in the metal cage on wheels was so completely unacceptable. I am cat. I am Kismet. I rule. It was only my duty to per chance Meeeeeeyowl as they say, to the world what was happening to me. Do you think any of those ingrates who I rule over in the ‘hood came to my aide? You just can’t find good sycophants these days. I was finally whipping them into shape too and now just serfs in the dust and somewhere out there in the rear view window.So here I am contemplating assorted and sundry escape routes, but at this rate, this metal cage is looking pretty tight. I just can’t really scratch a hole through the hello, metal, and they seem to keep pretty tight security on the openings and closings of the entry ways. Besides the fact, that these pit stops just seem to be at gatherings of these rolling metal cages with some stinky machines that I actually think feed the cages?????? The female seems obsessed on maintaining cleanliness at these times with the washing of the viewing ports, but I do find it helpful to have improved visibility through the windows as I contemplate possible escape routes to a new and improved kingdom. By the way, why had no one told me about this delicious food called peanut butter? That is whisker licking good! Prison food is not bad.