Rolling Along

Meanwhile, down on the other side of the summit and welcome to State #2 for the day, Nevada. Land of pretty darn straight roads, multiple correctional facilities and the triple trailer trucks. Those things are kind of scary cruising along at mach speed (average 80 mph or so on a slow day) on the highway with us. Do you know how much jiggle there are in those things when you pass them? I try not to glance at the new device (aka the phone) too often for info on local wind gusts. Gads, the odds, when passing not one, not two, but three trailers all looking quite out of control the closer you get to them. Have I mentioned how mini the MINI is and how easily we would be swatted off the road? Did I just see some news blurb (on that bloody device thing again) about some major pile up related to these things? No, no, repeat the mantra….It’s all good.

It actually is all good, because these Nevadans are civilized people and we score at the fuel stop with real Mexican coke. Yes, Nutty will not turn into the Coca-Cola deprived heela monster for another day. It definitely is all good. There was also some tasty peach flavored hibiscus tea, because hibiscus tea is always a good thing.

Moving right along to State #3. Still the same day people. Utah and the end of civilization as we know it. Yes, Nevada was our civilized state winner of the day. Think about that for a minute. Utah and the Great Salt Lake, the miles of salt flats. Almost running over some deer antelope hanging out in the middle of the interstate in broad daylight thank you very much. Do you think the Gluru will give us her recipe for that tasty cauliflower and curry she made us? And didn’t they have some odd and interesting rubble on the side of the highway there? Yes, this is what we call road chit chat. Riveting stuff. Finally got past all that stuff and made it to actual Salt Lake City. And now time to climb up and over yet another section of the Rocky Mountains. How did those pioneer people do it? We were really starting to loose oomph here and considering sleeping somewhere in the middle of who knows where, Rocky Mountains was becoming a viable option.

We still had to make it out of this state through another state, Wyoming, and finally into Colorado. Still driving. Will it ever end? Oh yeah, that’s right, we live in a huge, gigantor country. We’re full up indeed. OK, we found some rest stop on some small hillside, somewhere, walked it out, got some focus and no sleeping on some random hillside in the Rockies. We’re focused and back in the vehicle. Please note no chemical stimulants were used to get us off those Utah Rockies. Yes, we still had our California sensibilities.