Kismet The Warrior Cat El Super Gato Supremo!

Quickie update here. I really must get my cat nap rest. Not only am I keeping the new camp site secure and providing escort duty to the comfort station as required for the poor bipeds with absolutely no night vision, but I am also the wild cat hunter of this uncivilized forest! Bwahahahahahaha indeed and a Meeyowlgrrrrrrrrrrr as they say! I bagged a bird and a wild mouse/vole all in a nights work! They never heard me coming. I finally managed to get out of that slave harness they had me in (for my own protection indeed), details of how I did that must remain top secret and will be communicated to other worthy cats in the kingdom who have been similarly enslaved.

Goodnight. I feel this has earned me a day off from that silly AT hiking and no more meetings pahlease.