Illinois, Land of Lincoln

Lincoln? How long ago was that? Do you have a famous hit Broadway musical about him? Not really seeing it and did I mention it had started raining in adorable Iowa? That’s still happening and then some. Guess who’s driving through yet another state that has gotten wider? Maybe we shouldn’t have lollygagged quite so much in the search for doughnuts and etc. in Adorable Land. OK, with all that corn fed beef sprinkled about as well, it finally dawned on us that we should be looking for more local beef products and yet another sojourn tracking down this BBQ beef place in Illinois. Hey, we’re a little slow and had already left land of the corn fed beef. Turns out we probably should of just to the license plate motto and maybe looked for Lincoln’s log cabin. Survey says, BBQ was not so good here, but so far no severe gastro effects so……it’s all good.

Almost got to the end of this state, but once again, right about at the border we are going to have to camp. It’s nifty – deer, thunder and rain all in one package. Good practice for rapidly assembling camp and tent before everything is completely soaked. In a quickie break from the weather Manly Man even managed to get a fire going and later on with some hollow log did this chimney affect. What were they teaching in Boy Scouts back in the day? I’m sure later on in Pennsylvania there will be some male bonding over the details of the proper fire building and chimney effect. Need to move on.