Shenandoah Park

Gorgeous lush and so much AT to access, but eeeeeh gads, flippin’ super freezing. Winter jacket back on! No de-layering! Ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. It was cloudy. It was windy. Then in the morning it was foggy! You know that damp cold that just gets into your bones??? So of course, Kismet decides it’s time for one of his disappearing acts. You’d think we’d tag him so we could always find him, but it’s not like we get any kind of reliable service at these places. That cat. Gone all day and we’re doing short little Kismet-like hikes so as not to be too far away in case he does show up. These are my memories. Beautiful hikes, trillium and other wild flowers just everywhere, but no Kismet and so cold. I was kind of having flash backs of being back in Monterey, California and Pacific Grove when I went to school there and then some. That was always foggy too and that first semester I was living above a garage so not so good for the insulation and/or heating for that matter. That’s when I really got into the caffeine just for the heat factor.

So finally found that wacky cat near the end of the day. From what I can tell he spent the day underneath the building with the women’s showers. Repentant much? Nah.