Finally, an Actual AT Hike

OK, so it’s stopped raining! We’ve enjoyed our zero days, dined on the cous cous with macadamia nuts and apricots, the chicken curry, some other chicken pasta thing, even the maple apple oatmeals and grits for breakfast, but honestly, wasn’t the point here the hiking thing? Why have I been killing my peds all year? Turns out Grumpus Kismetus not so in shape for hiking. You know Mr. Energie who never sleeps at night, always out hunting or something or other. Well what we thought would be a nice short starter hike just totally thrashed him. First, he’s not really liking this leash thing, but after those last couple days of waiting for his highness to just mosey in back to camp, leashless liberties have been rescinded.

But it’s all good once he takes the lead and is leading us all up the mountain with his little cat strides and his designated cat breaks. My goodness that cat just had no stamina. We were stopping for breaks every two minutes. So that’s not working and David decides to pick him up so maybe we’ll actually make it back to camp before the next millennia. What a cat howl hullabaloo, meyowl city! How dare you pick me up? You should have brought the cat pavilion with you so we could camp here where I Kismetus Grumpus have decided we’ve done enough hiking for the day. Again, unbelievable this cat. Hissing and scratching ensue, but at least we do finally get off the mountain and guess who is passed out in the tent/cat pavilion as we speak.

Let’s just say that so far, that’s been a six tick hike and both of my men are pretty wiped out. I’m thinking strategies will need to be re-thought and this time Kismetus Grumpus will be attending all AT meetings.

OK, update. Make that an eight tick hike.

Eeeh gads! Kismet just woke up with a tick sucking on his ear. No more blogging due to ongoing tickopolous watch!

Starting the AT. Little does Kismet know.