Kismet Yawn Update

OK, no one disrespects the Kismet and those two bipeds are getting just a little too uppity. I was willing to let the kidnapping thing go and I even attended that silly “AT” meeting, but enough already. That night where they luxuriously lounged in the metal cage on wheels? I was on night patrol thank you very much. Do you think my personal cat rug was around for me to take breaks on? No! It was packed.

Then they get on the road and just shove me in the back and don’t want to hear about what I want to say. What happened to equal representation for everyone on this adventure? Then they stop for sustenance and do they purchase anything for me? No! They just have the audacity to leave me in the metal cage and then choose a place in their food establishment where I can totally see them consuming something carniverous that should be for me also. The audacity. No respect I tell you.

And of course, all this oooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaaahing over this Shenandoah place. You know that tomorrow we’re going to go on some over extensive biped idea of an AT hike and they’ll claim there was some meeting I missed if I complain. We’ll I’m not having any of that. I’m out of here and you know they just can’t leave me behind. Bwahahahahahahahahah!

Once again, El Gato Supremo! Catnap time, thank you.