The Mohican Outdoor Center

This is some fabu place in New Jersey I think run by the Appalachian Mountain Club and we were just lucky enough to find it late Saturday just as the next round of rain was setting in. Pretty much had the place to ourselves as we’re running back and forth with our stuff down to the walk-in tent areas. It didn’t stop raining all night and all day Sunday. Our first tent site got water logged and we were just kind of floating on top our tent foot print. Ooops. So David figures out how to rig yet another layer of rain tarp one camp site over and then we just kind of moved the whole tent over as is, which the cat did not want to get out of mind you. So guess where we hung out most of the day, in two person tent plus cat. The humidity is pretty intense, especially after having spent a year in super dry blazing heat and under continuous fire threat Sacramento, California.

No reception at camp, but if you hike back up to the lodge you can do some civilized things like re-charge batteries and access wi-fi. So besides the civilization it is just incredibly green and mossy paths with rivers and creeks. Pretty amazing if you can just kind of deal with the moss growing on you due to extreme moisture content. One of these eons, Nutty is actually going to upload photos.