The Delaware Water Gap

So, the Delaware Water Gap actually seems to be in New Jersey and on the border of Pennsylvania. Yes, I’m sure it all makes sense to the locals. So you traverse through the townships, the burbs, a traffic circle even and you get here, but not quite. Once again, we’re in the area, but actually getting a camp site a little more challenging. Silly us, should have used the repaired device to make a reservation, which would have been $5 more and then since we’re from California that’s another additional $5 and by the way you can only stay one night and once again we will provide rain for your campsite. Hmm. It’s all good, until the revenge of the Kismet. We’re doing the camp set-up and he’s stalking and quartering the place like he usually does when we soon notice no more Kismet. Where has he gone? That sneaky cat. Well he is a cat, so the sneakiness should not be all that surprising.

Of course the poor Nutah who was raised with dogs and not with camping cats as I was, has now gone to all the worst case scenarios, cat eaten by bears, cat chased down by rabid raccoons, cat lost in the woods and never finding his way back to us, cat run over by traffic somewhere up above, etc. etc. etc. Cats, it’s what they do. I try to remain calm and reassuring, but hours go by and Mr. Tail in Air is not showing up. Nutty is now texting and bonding with Kim on ever more horrific scenarios which I will not even mention here, because it would just give the cat that much more satisfaction. Needless to say, that silly cat does show up hours later and it really is all good.