Kismet Zero Day

Unbelievable! That cat disappeared again. He’s all super meowing us in the morning to come and check out something he’s found after another rainy night in Casa Tent (yes, turns out cat paws do get muddy and track prints into the tent). So have to humor the Kismet cat and we each take a turn going a little ways into the brush to figure out what he’s talking about. Sorry Dude, human bipeds just can’t navigate that stuff that well without a trail. We’re too big. So we go back to tearing down camp and prepping for a human being biped hike with clearly marked trails, when all of a sudden, guess who’s wandered off and hasn’t come back? Yes, that Cat! Where is he? Does he respond to us calling him? Of course not. Well, we can’t leave now, because this is where the cat, hopefully, will eventually come back to. However, this was only a one night site and they’ve already told us there are no open slots for tonight and our site is already taken. Virtually all day, we wait and we wait and we wait. People tear down tents. People leave and go hiking. People arrive and set up tents. Fortunately nobody has kicked us out of our spot yet.

Finally, late in the afternoon David tracks him down on the other side of the road by taking a plastic jar with his food and shaking it around the forest. Apparently someone was finally hungry enough to meow respond. Unbelievable. Needless to say his blogging privileges have been revoked, so do not stay tuned for the Kismet meeeyowlrowl.