Goooooooood Morning Iowa in the Morning!

OK, have had the cold shower, mildly caffeinated and in search of doughnuts in the college town of what should be classic small town USA in the Heartland. Hmmmm, let’s just say watching this flash back to yesteryear yesterday evening where actual trash men were collecting trash manually from the back of a trash truck (yes, just like in the old movies and even in my childhood) might have gotten my hopes up on finding some freshly fried, melt in your mouth artery clogging doughnuts in this little town. No such luck, but there were the standard 1950’s or was it 1970’s style Chinese restaurant and cutting edge “exotic” Mexican restaurants. Too early in the morning for those kinds of memories.

Onward Ho. You know, with some sleep under our belts and a soupçon of caffeine this is a pretty adorable state; rolling green grasses with aesthetically pleasing groups of modern day windmills and the craftsman style and Victorianesque farm houses. I was even getting into their silos. This seems to be a big thing here. They mention it everywhere. It’s on their license plates. I think they have like Silo Days type events. What was with that? Well, there actually are different kinds and they can be adorable too.

Nice, aesthetically pleasing, informative and creative rest areas that give you little snippets on Iowa-R-Us, some artwork and let’s say creative and functional facilities.

OK, enough of that, we really have to traverse out of this state. Are we ever going to get to the other side of our country? One state at a time baby.