The Wyoming State – Why???

Wyoming. Finally! This isn’t that big of a state, we can do this. Forget civilization, no more Mexican cokes available. Good by Nutty jet fuel. No more cutesy hibiscus tea. This is black caffeinated tea and it will get us through. That state was endless, endless, desolate, no vegetation, hardly any prisons even and then it got dark. Roadways with big ole pot holes that little tiny MINI tires get lost in so of course they were making an effort to repair their roadways, but why not re-paint the lane lines back in or maybe even put in some reflectors after you’re done re-paving? Did I mention the darkness, the lack of human civilization and therefore maybe this thing called lights? There were no lines to follow on the black tarmac pavement in the middle of no civilizationville blackness with oh yes, occasional super wind gusts to blow you off the road if you had managed to find it in the middle of the darkness and up and over yet another bunch of the Rocky Mountains we go.

By the by, when we just had to make one more pit stop to do what you gotta do, what do we find at a Wyoming Rest Stop? Before entering facilities beware of rattle snake thank you very much! I was not amused.