Kismet Thoughts

Hello my digital feline serfdom. I couldn’t believe it when these bipeds of mine snatched me up yet again from a perfectly livable brick and mortar abode to yet again be locked up in this cage on wheels that goes way too fast? Feels like maybe 500 mph to me give or take a few 100. It’s just too exhausting being a cat. The petting’s not bad, but the female’s technique is getting a little sloppy and just the few minor Meeeeeeyowl complaints I had this morning in the pitch blackness with the scary moving bright lights attached to those other mobile metal cages mind you seemed to make her, what do they say? Quite cranky. Anyway, at least I managed to get some shut eye. I believe their people call it cat naps.

Later………………… Hallelujah praise be! A fresh new wild stable, non-rolling territory to conquer. No time to digitize my thoughts now, out to conquer new lands and identify these strange moooing sounds I’m hearing in the distance.