Colorado, bless you, civilization, lights and painted lines! It’s the little things. Actually it was the big ole well lit restroom facilities as well. By this time on the dark side of the moon o’clock, we’ve been driving straight through since 4AM for about 40 billion gazillion hours plus give or take a few billion miles and now Doug, our friend from Colorado has been texting and calling galore to try to find out what’s taking us so long to crawl out of Wyoming so he can guide us through Colorado and to their house. We’re not youngsters anymore. Yes, we are definitely geezers. Per chance some chemical stimulants would not be such a bad idea. California sensibilities indeed. What are we saving these decrepit bodies for? Oh yeah, that’s right, we still have to make it through the AT.

Alright, good night, Hallelujah, praise be we have made it to the Doug and Chris house only disagreeing on five out of the six different GPS map suggestions and Doug’s. So what if he lives there, what does he know? We can’t see anything with our geezermeister eyeballs anyway in this thing they call night. Lost those pixels and rods in the eyeballs decades ago.

Five states today, tonight, whatever. We’re done. Good Night!