Zero Days are Good

Stayed up late talking, but now it’s a zero day. We aren’t going anywhere and the food is decadent, classic Americana (which we’ve had a long year of missing) and bad for your heart stopping classics with a soupçon of that healthy veggie stuff that actually makes it good. I have to say though, a lot of my “classic” yummy, bad for you, taste buds got kicked off in the early college years with these two partners in crime. We shall divulge no more and leave it at that. Good people, good food and not on the interstate. It’s a good thing.

OK, OK, so Nutty’s been babbling on about those chocolate covered peanut butter Easter eggs Chris made for a few hundred miles now. He used to think Reeces was better than sliced bread so let’s face it the man was destined to be a fan.