Kismet Talk

Kismet here again. What are we doing? Not the car again! Every time we find a place which I would consider acceptable to start a new kingdom in, what do my beloved bipeds do? They stuff me in that puny metal cage on wheels again. That last place had really nice spongey carpet for me to scratch my claws in and the energetic female even prepared a rudimentary throne for me to sit in and gaze through the window at my future territory. I think I pretty much had the biped male convinced to cook me some nice roasted mice beast. Sounds whisker licking good just thinking about it. Those bipeds; a few caressing walks through their legs and they’re putty in your paws. I’m thinking he had great training potential for petting me properly and cooking me the meals that I should truly be having and not wasting himself on cooking for the bipeds that just don’t know how to do a proper leg swirl in appreciation, when all of a sudden he’s gone and I’m whisked away in the metal cage on wheels and told, mind you to behave. Behave! That is not a word used with cats. We will act the way we want to act! This will take some cogitating, but obviously my bipeds need some extreme measures to learn the error of their ways. I will report back later, if………..I feel like it.