Kismet The Cat Cannot Be Silenced!

Freedom! Blogging privileges rescinded indeed! All I was doing was first of all teaching them a well deserved lesson of lack of appreciation and obeisance and the second time I wandered off, well I had just found this great trail to go hiking on. How was I supposed to know they had to pack up my cat pavilion before being allowed to carry me up the viewing procession, I mean trail? Anyway, I’ve made it up to this so-called lodge and the female biped who takes care of it automatically loves me of course and has given me access to their wi-fi network. No one keeps the Kiz, El Gato Supremo, offline.

Have to go now, before my female who originally kidnapped me finds me. She’s been babbling on about all these missed AT meetings that I was cced on and why don’t I have the proper gear, etc. etc. Proper gear indeed, my white boots are all terrain, all season boots. My fur is also all year weather resistant and I make a point of keeping it immaculate.