Un-amused Kismet Update

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my aching cat paw pads. Why didn’t I look into some arch support, some of those sporty little deals I’ve seen some odd looking canines around town wearing? Sneakers for dogs? I’m sure there’s something much more aesthetically pleasing for cats.

I hope I don’t have these things called ticks attached to my fur. I know my fur is irresistible, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t help themselves. So this is what they call hiking? This is why back in the land of the civilized my human bipeds seemed to constantly go out on these take forever excursions? I did try to accompany them a couple of times, but it seemed so predictable I turned back before they had finished. My little kitty paws are just too exhausted to go on. Needless to say, once again I have been duped and this is just not acceptable. Meyowl, growl indeed!

Kismet Wiped Out Post Hike