Kismet Bequeaths You Words

My fur cannot keep up with these constant weather changes. Thicken up, shed down. Yes, I am an incredible cat and have virtually magical abilities, but have you noticed the bipeds don’t really feed me nearly as well, when they’re focused on finding us yet another habitable spot (just when I’ve made the previous one secure). That wild mouse on the hoof was digested eons ago! Meooooooooooow!! How many ways can I say I’m starving here?!

OK, Kismet the Warrior cat is on night patrol once again at this new location number I’ve lost count, thank you very much. Anyway, ever since we had that raccoon invasion the other night I’ve been on night watch patrol and keep the camp secure, but brrrrrrrrrrrr, this Vermont place is not cozy. I know the female is all about the cheese, but I’m thinking per chance my nice cozy cat rug in those abodes they call houses would be a good thing. I could possibly be talked into once again hunting domesticated mouse. Let’s not dwell on the whole kidnapping aspect.