Pysanky Layers

So one goose egg is equal to about two large chicken eggs and that’s what I used here. The goose egg definitely gave me a lot more “canvas” to work with. Pysanky is a layering process, so that increased size gave me many more designs to keep track of, as I added the layers of color. Think sections and layers.

,Your initial wax design goes on the clean white layer of the egg and with each color, yellow, purple, black, I would add additional sections of wax design, which when melted back off would reveal the color below depending at what point in the dyeing process I melted off which section of my wax design and when I had laid that particular section of the design on. They say men can’t multi-task, but this was definitely a process of keeping track of multiple designs throughout the layering process.

Hope you enjoy.

Quail Eggs

Pysanky on little tiny quail eggs. Break out the micro goggles. They almost look like those chocolate foil wrapped eggs you see […]