Glass Weave – The Idea

So actual old school weaving is always pretty fascinating. All the different threads and colors used to create a kind of textured kaleidoscope of design. We actually had a weaver in our neighborhood with a full scale loom. Neat stuff. Wouldn’t that be interesting to try and do with glass? Guess what? It’s a thing.

So start with what you want and kind of work your way backwards. Isn’t that what those wooly weavers do? Think about your colors. Get some colored glass sheets that match your thoughts and start cutting them into ¼” strips. Get a “sine wave” (What can I say? I’ve had a previous nerd life.) shaped mold that works for you (this might take some experimenting), that you will slump your ¼” strips onto to make wavy strips which will essentially be the weft part of your glass weave.

For the warp equivalent part of your weave, make sure you have enough rods/canes/stringers to “weave” all those wavy strips together. Lay all the wavy strips side by side and offset the ridges and the troughs (you can kind of see where I was starting to nerd out here and thinking sine and cosine waves, you know you can). Thread the thin stringers through the waves to lock things into place and tack fuse the entire piece to get a single non-moving glass piece. Voila!